US to Provide $61 Billion Military Aid Package to Ukraine, Pending Senate Approval


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US President Joe Biden has informed Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy about a significant military aid package worth $61 billion (€57 billion) that will be provided to Kyiv once approved by the Senate. The aid is aimed at supporting Ukraine’s defense capabilities.

Biden-Zelenskiy Phone Call

Biden-Zelenskiy Phone Call

During the phone call, Biden assured Zelenskiy that the economic assistance from the US would help maintain financial stability and aid in the reconstruction of critical infrastructure in Ukraine.

Passage of Military Aid Bill

Passage of Military Aid Bill

The military aid bill, which includes air defense systems and artillery shells, was recently passed by the House of Representatives and is now awaiting approval from the Senate. It is expected to pass without significant delays.

EU’s Stance on Ukraine’s Air Defenses

While EU countries acknowledge the need for improved air defenses in Ukraine, they have not committed to providing Patriot missile systems. Instead, the focus remains on financial assistance and support to Ukraine’s defense efforts.

At a meeting of the EU’s foreign and defense ministers, it was emphasized that understanding Ukraine’s requirements and needs is crucial. Germany has been the only country to supply a single Patriot missile battery to Ukraine so far.

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