US House of Representatives Approves Foreign Aid Package


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On Saturday, the US House of Representatives approved a long-stalled €89 billion foreign aid package, with a significant €57 billion earmarked specifically for Ukraine. This approval has reignited hopes for a late-summer counteroffensive in the war-torn country after facing delays in weapons deliveries.

Support for Ukraine and Bipartisan Efforts

Support for Ukraine and Bipartisan Efforts

The bipartisan support for Ukraine showcased by the House’s vote (311 in favor and 112 against) indicates a united front despite previous resistance from certain factions within the political spectrum. This renewed push for aid signals a commitment to assisting Ukraine in its ongoing conflict.

Insightful Interview with Former US Vice President Mike Pence

Prior to the landmark vote, Former US Vice President Mike Pence engaged in an insightful interview at the German Marshall Fund’s Brussels Forum. In the interview, Pence discussed various topics ranging from US support for Ukraine to transatlantic relations and the challenges posed by Russian and Chinese aggression.

To watch the full episode of the Global Conversation featuring the interview with Mike Pence, click on the video in the media player above or read the transcript provided.

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