US artists paint memorial for civilians killed by Russian forces in Ukraine’s Bucha


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Russian troops occupied Bucha in February 2022 during their invasion of Ukraine and remained there for approximately a month. 

When Ukrainian forces recaptured the town, they uncovered what would soon be identified as the epicentre of Moscow’s war atrocities.

The streets, gardens and homes of the once tranquil suburb were left with dozens of bodies of men, women, and children, including some bearing signs of torture. 

The atmosphere in the once-serene suburb became one of shock and silence.

More than 400 bodies were recovered, though Ukrainian authorities have not finalised the total death toll as many are still missing.

Nataliia Verbova, whose husband Andrii was killed as a volunteer defender of the town, expressed the site’s significance. 

“The boys gave their lives, they were shot here, they were tortured here, blood was shed here, this is a place of suffering, tears, and we come here to honour them, to remember them, to our loved ones and relatives. This place is symbolic for us.”

US artists, Tristan, Johnny, and ‘Bandit’, travelled to Ukraine to paint murals on damaged buildings across the country and produce a documentary showcasing Ukraine and its people. 

Their initiative is named “Resilient Colors.”

Watch the full report in the player above.

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