Upcoming Strikes in Europe


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Strikes are a common occurrence in Europe, with workers advocating for better pay and working conditions. It’s essential for travelers to stay informed about potential disruptions due to strikes. Below is a list of upcoming strikes in various European countries:

United Kingdom

Heathrow Airport: Border Force workers at Heathrow Airport are planning strikes from 29 April to 2 May and a ‘work to rule’ action from 3-18 May. Additionally, refueling workers are set to strike on 4-6 May.

Train Strikes: Localized train strikes are scheduled in April, affecting Northern rail services from 15-20 April and LNER trains on 20 April.


Charleroi Airport: Strikes are threatened at Charleroi Airport due to concerns over working conditions. A strike warning has been issued until the end of April.



Air Traffic Controllers: French airports may face disruptions on 25 April due to air traffic control strikes protesting service restructuring, potentially affecting up to 70% of flights.

Paris Olympics: CGT-RATP union members have announced a seven-month strike notice from 5 February to 9 September, which could impact transport services during the upcoming Olympic Games. However, a bill has been proposed to prevent strikes during major events like Paris 2024.

If you have information about any significant strikes in your country that are not listed here, please reach out to us via Twitter.

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