Unveiling a Unique Theater Experience


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Just east of its marquee, the August Wilson Theater abuts an alley you probably didn’t notice when last you were there, perhaps to see “Funny Girl,” its previous tenant. The latest revival of “Cabaret” opened at the Wilson on Sunday, offering a distinctive theater experience.

Immersive Pre-Show Ambience

Audience members are guided through the alley, past the garbage, down halls, and up stairs to a dimly lit lounge, enhancing the immersive pre-show experience. Greeters offer free shots of cherry schnapps to set the mood for the story set in 1930 Berlin cabaret.

Spectacular Design and Performances

The reconfigured auditorium resembles a large supper club, adding a unique touch to the show’s fifth Broadway incarnation. The scenic, costume, and theater design by Tom Scutt, alongside stellar performances by Eddie Redmayne, Gayle Rankin, Bebe Neuwirth, and Steven Skybell, create a visually stunning and engaging production.

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