Ukraine’s Plea for Air Defense Systems Amid Russia’s Renewed Attacks


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Russia’s Renewed Attacks

The matter of assistance has acquired a greater sense of urgency after Russia renewed its attacks with drones and missiles against the war-battered nation, destroying critical infrastructure and residential buildings, and killing dozens of civilians.

Ukraine’s Plea for Air Defense Systems

Ukrainian President Volodymr Zelenskyy has warned Russia would soon expand its barrage of airstrikes and asked for at least seven more Patriot systems, or similar equipment, to protect the skies. He emphasized the need for specific systems such as Patriot, IRIS-T, SAMP-T, and NASAMS to halt Russian aggression.

EU Response and Efforts

EU Response and Efforts

Germany pledged to send a third Patriot battery to Kyiv and initiated an effort to encourage other countries to donate additional air defenses. However, no further commitments have followed, prompting scrutiny over other EU countries that own Patriot systems. NATO has also discussed the issue and allies have been urged to increase support for Ukraine.

During a recent meeting, High Representative Josep Borrell emphasized the need for European Union member states to increase support for Ukraine by supplying interceptors and increasing the number of air defense batteries. The US Congress recently voted in favor of a bill to provide lethal equipment to Ukraine, signaling a positive development in international support for the country.

Ministers from various EU countries highlighted the importance of continuing efforts to support Ukraine in the face of ongoing Russian aggression, emphasizing the need to stay prepared and vigilant in the battle ahead.

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