U.S. to Withdraw Military Personnel from Niger: Shift in Sahel Security Policy


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More than 1,000 American military personnel will leave Niger in the coming months, marking a significant shift in U.S. counterterrorism and security policy in the Sahel region of Africa. The decision follows Niger’s move to revoke its military cooperation deal with the United States last month.

Diplomatic Talks

In recent meetings in Washington, Deputy Secretary of State Kurt M. Campbell expressed the U.S. disagreement with Niger’s alignment with Russia for security and Iran for uranium deals. The failure of Niger’s military government to outline a path to democracy also contributed to the decision.

Failed Compromise

American diplomats attempted to salvage a new military cooperation agreement with Niger but were unsuccessful in reaching a compromise. This comes amidst growing anti-U.S. sentiments in Niger, with protests calling for the withdrawal of American forces following Russia’s increased military presence in the country.

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