Trouble in Manipur: Election Redo Ordered


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Following armed attacks on polling stations in Manipur, India’s election authorities have instructed officials to conduct a re-vote at several affected polling places. The incidents occurred in the midst of ongoing ethnic conflicts in the northeastern state.

Ethnic Conflict in Manipur

The unrest in Manipur stems from a dispute over tribal status, which provides certain privileges such as preferential treatment in government job applications. This conflict, ongoing since last May, has created divisions in the region, primarily between the Meiteis, a predominantly Hindu group, and the Kukis, Christian hill tribe members.

With over 200 casualties across both groups and numerous internally displaced persons seeking refuge in camps due to the violence, the situation remains volatile.

Re-Voting Ordered

The Election Commission of India announced that re-voting will take place at 11 polling stations in Manipur where incidents of violence, including mob attacks, gunfire, and tampering with electronic voting machines, occurred during the initial polling on Friday.

The decision to redo the voting came after the region’s top election commissioner reported instances of mob violence and disruptions at polling stations.

Video Evidence

Video footage from the Inner Manipur constituency, one of the parliamentary seats in the state, captured mobs raiding polling stations and damaging electronic voting machines, highlighting the severity of the situation.

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