Torrential Rain and Flooding in Southern China


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Torrential Rain and Flooding

Torrential rain battered Southern China on Sunday, causing flooding and forcing tens of thousands of evacuations in Guangdong, the country’s most populous province. The rain started last week and intensified over the weekend, affecting areas in the north and the Pearl River Delta in the south.

Evacuations and Flood Risks

In the city of Yingde, nearly 20,000 people were evacuated due to heavy rainfall, with nine rivers at risk of overflowing. The Beijiang River, a tributary of the Pearl River in Guangzhou, faced the threat of a potentially severe flood, as announced by China’s Ministry of Water Resources.

Unusual Weather Phenomenon

In Hong Kong, a waterspout was spotted over the water on Sunday morning. Waterspouts are whirlwinds of air and water mist formed when cold air interacts with warmer water, drawing up moisture. Although the waterspout did not cause any damage, forecasters issued warnings of violent winds and potential flooding in the region.

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