The Unveiling of Queen Elizabeth II’s Memorial Statue


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In the charming English market town of Oakham, a corgi convention seemed to be taking place on a Sunday afternoon. Local residents eagerly gathered behind a temporary barrier, eagerly watching as around 50 adorable dogs paraded through the local library’s gardens. However, the true highlight of the event was the unveiling of Britain’s inaugural memorial statue dedicated to Queen Elizabeth II.

The distinguished Sarah Furness, a local figure, made the grand announcement from a podium. The seven-foot bronze statue, crafted by the talented London-based sculptor Hywel Pratley, depicts the queen in elegant robes with three corgis playfully at her feet. Furness emphasized in her speech that Queen Elizabeth’s warmth was a cherished memory for many. By showcasing the queen’s affection for dogs, the statue aimed to capture her humanity and endear her even more to the public.

Enthusiastic fans of the queen, both human and canine, gathered around the newly unveiled statue, paying their respects in Oakham.

Memorial Statues Across Britain
As the nation mourns the passing of Queen Elizabeth II, various municipalities and institutions are honoring her legacy by unveiling statues in her honor. Some of these sculptures were in progress long before the queen’s demise.
Notable examples include a statue at York Minister in northern England, revealed in 2022, showcasing the queen in her full regalia. Another remarkable statue, located at the Royal Albert Hall in London, portrays a youthful and glamorous monarch enjoying an evening at the prestigious concert venue, adorned in a fashionable dress and tiara.

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