The Unconventional Art at Venice Biennale


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A pair of black-and-white feet painted on the façade of the Giudecca island prison chapel in Venice catches the attention of visitors to the 2024 Venice Biennale. This striking artwork is the creation of the renowned Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan.

Art with a Purpose

Art with a Purpose

Cattelan’s wall art piece on the prison chapel serves a unique purpose. As part of the Biennale, it is not only meant for the general public but also specifically targets the prison inmates residing near the chapel. The exhibition commissioner, Cardinal Jose Tolentino de Mendonca, highlighted that the artwork aims to convey a message of appreciation, beauty, and value to the incarcerated individuals.

While Cattelan’s work might stir controversy, his selection for the Biennale reflects the organizers’ intention to include diverse perspectives and challenge conventional norms. The cardinal emphasized the importance of engaging with artists like Cattelan who bring unique and thought-provoking elements to the event.

De Mendonca further explained that the inclusion of artists who may have critical views or challenge established institutions, such as the Catholic church, aligns with the theme of dialogue promoted by Pope Francis. The Biennale aims to foster conversations and interactions that go beyond traditional boundaries and ideologies.

During the Biennale, Pope Francis is scheduled to visit the pavilion where he will have the opportunity to meet both the inmates and the artists involved in the exhibition. This encounter symbolizes a connection between different worlds and an acknowledgment of the power of art to bridge diverse perspectives.

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