The Return of ‘The Jinx’


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The Return of “The Jinx”

Nine years after the iconic moment when Robert Durst muttered “Killed them all, of course,” the highly anticipated Part Two of “The Jinx” has made its debut with a new six-episode series on HBO. Despite Durst’s passing in 2022 and his prior murder conviction, the latest installment delves into the intriguing developments that unfolded in the interim.

Andrew Jarecki’s Responsibility

Director Andrew Jarecki, who has been intimately involved with the Durst saga for two decades, may have felt a sense of duty to revisit the story in light of recent events. The boundary between filmmaker and case blurs as Jarecki potentially grapples with his role in the prosecution and ultimate conviction of the eccentric real estate heir.

Influence of the Original Series

The lasting impact of the original “Jinx” series is palpable as viewers are reminded of the pivotal role it played in Durst’s legal downfall. The collaboration between the show’s producers and law enforcement, which kick-started the investigation leading to Durst’s conviction, underscores the power of true-crime storytelling in the justice system.

Furthermore, the chilling final moments of the first series, where Durst’s incriminating words were caught on tape, continue to reverberate through popular culture. The scene at a screening event capturing the arrest of Durst in real-time exemplifies the surreal intersection of documentary filmmaking and real-life consequences.

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