The Joy of Stooping: Finding Hidden Treasures in Discarded Items


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Dear Diary:
I have a guilty pleasure that my husband disapproves of – stooping. The act of scouring through discarded items left on the curb excites me. It’s like a treasure hunt in the midst of everyday life in New York City. Not only is it environmentally friendly, but it also saves me money and encourages me to take long walks.

Through stooping, I’ve stumbled upon numerous valuable items that have found a place in my heart and home. One such item is a beautifully crafted Italian floor lamp that now illuminates our living room with elegance.

One day, while rushing to a doctor’s appointment, I noticed a metal-and-glass shelving unit in pristine condition on West 16th Street. Despite my haste, the possibilities of what it could become lingered in my mind throughout the appointment. It could serve as a bookshelf, a pantry, or a display for my daughter’s artistic creations.

On my way back, I couldn’t resist the temptation as the shelving unit still awaited its fate on the sidewalk. It seemed to call out to me, urging me to give it a new home. And so, without hesitation, I brought it back with me, excited for the new chapter it would bring to our household.

Benefits of Stooping
1. Environmental sustainability
2. Cost-effective
3. Promotes physical activity

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