The Highly Anticipated Manhattan Criminal Trial of Donald J. Trump


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The Manhattan criminal trial of former President Donald J. Trump is set to captivate audiences worldwide. However, unlike some high-profile trials, this one will not be broadcasted live on television. There will be no video feed available from the courtroom, and audio transmission is also restricted, aligning with New York courts’ usual practices.

Despite the lack of live coverage, reporters covering the trial will have access to an overflow room with a feed of the proceedings.hollywood news on the site. Additionally, cameras positioned in the hallway outside the courtroom will capture moments of Mr. Trump entering and exiting, providing some visual updates.

Seeking to ensure that the public remains informed, a New York lawyer, Jim Walden, has taken action by filing a motion on behalf of a civic group and a news website. The motion requests that daily transcripts of the trial be made available to the public in light of the absence of televised proceedings.

The trial is scheduled to take place every weekday, up to 4:30 p.m., with the exception of Wednesdays. The courtroom will be active from 9:30 a.m., promising a significant daily dose of legal drama.

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