The Birth of the Crookie


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All it took for the crookie to take shape was a baker looking for a diversion, his time-tested croissant recipe, and a few cookies for inspiration. Stéphane Louvard created the crookie almost a year and a half ago when he came up with the idea of putting cookie dough into a croissant and then baking it again.

The Viral Sensation

The crookie gained massive popularity after TikTok videos showcased Louvard’s innovative creation. Demand for his croissants with a cookie twist skyrocketed, with Mr. Louvard selling an astonishing 2,300 crookies in a single day at his Paris bakery.

A Global Craze

What started as a unique pastry in a bustling Paris neighborhood has now become a global sensation. The crookie trend has spread to bakeries not only across France but also worldwide, captivating pastry lovers with its fusion of croissant and cookie flavors.

“The entire planet is talking about us. Someone told me he even made the trip from Madrid only to get a crookie — it’s crazy,” Mr. Louvard said as he prepared a baking tray of croissants, ready to be cut in half and stuffed with chocolate chip cookie dough.

The croissant has long been a favorite in the French capital — legend has it that Marie-Antoinette first brought it from Austria in the late 18th century. But fusion baking has become more common in Paris and across France in recent years, with bakers embracing one trend after another, like the brookie (fusing a brownie and a cookie), the cronut, and the cruffin (which marry croissants with doughnuts and muffins).

Mr. Louvard, 51, who has made his own croissants from scratch for decades, got the inspiration for the crookie one morning in October 2022 when he was preparing croissants and saw his team making cookies beside him and decided to mix them together. He continued making crookies mostly for fun during his long shifts, which start at 4 a.m. every day.

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