Tennessee Bill to Allow Teachers to Carry Concealed Handguns


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Tennessee lawmakers recently approved a bill that would permit teachers and school staff to carry concealed handguns on school premises. This measure, which still needs to be enacted, mandates that individuals carrying firearms must undergo training and receive approval from school authorities. Notably, parents and most school employees would not be informed of who is carrying a concealed weapon.

Debate and Opposition Surrounding the Bill

The bill has sparked significant debate and opposition. Critics argue that introducing more guns to school environments will not enhance safety and could potentially increase the risk to students. Protesters gathered at the Capitol to express their concerns, holding signs that read, “Kids Deserve More!” and “Have You Lost Your Ever-Loving Minds?”

  • State Senator London Lamar of Memphis, a Democrat, voiced her apprehensions during a recent debate, expressing worries about her son’s safety and cautioning against jeopardizing children’s lives by introducing more firearms into schools.
  • Supporters of the bill, however, contend that it will enhance student safety. They believe that trained adults having access to firearms and their mere presence could deter potential attackers.

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