‘Take deva of the planet’: Lionel Messi joins fight against climate change


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Lionel Messi has joined forces with Join the Planet to help fight against climate change. 

In a pioneering initiative, Argentina’s star footballer announced he is collaborating with the environmental foundation “to take care of the planet.”

He wants to extend his positive influence beyond the football field by collecting potentially thousands of tons of plastics from coasts around the world, turning them into a customised sculpture of his historic left boot. 

The first initiative for the foundation will include cleaning the Paraná River in Rosario, Argentina.

“Lionel Messi’s role as the inaugural ambassador for Join The Planet brings unparalleled influence to global culture,” said Thomas Kimber, Director of Join the Planet Foundation and Founder & CEO Karün. 

“Messi’s involvement means reaching millions of people who are not part of the environmental discussion. We look forward to the positive impact his advocacy will have on our shared goals.”

Crafted with recycled materials from Patagonia, Indonesia, China, Thailand, India and Ghana, the cleat incorporates recycled nylon plastic from discarded fishing nets, recycled polypropylene plastic sourced from discarded ropes and bottle caps, and recycled fibreglass for durability.

The first-of-its-kind collectable sculpture of Messi’s renowned football boot, produced in partnership with the Patagonia-based brand Karün, a leader in sustainable high-quality products. 

Messi said he was inspired to join the initiative by a 16-year-old activist.

“With effort and a sense of community, we can take care of the planet,” he said in a statement sent to Euronews. 

Join The Planet is a brand that repurposes discarded materials into valuable products. It then uses them to fund initiatives worldwide that can protect and regenerate natural ecosystems through work with local communities. 

By partnering with renowned public figures to amplify its reach and inspire global participation, Join the Planet leverages collaborative efforts to pave the way for sustainable change.

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