Struggle for Treatment: Impact on Parents and Children


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For parents struggling with mental health or substance use disorders, access to treatment can often mean the difference between keeping and losing their children. A recent analysis of health and child welfare records revealed that a significant portion of eligible Medicaid recipients were not receiving the necessary treatment.

Importance of Treatment

Importance of Treatment

Experts emphasize that timely treatment can reverse challenging situations. Both mental health crises and drug addiction have widespread impacts, especially on children. Seeking treatment for psychiatric and substance use disorders can prevent family separation and improve overall well-being.

Research Findings

The analysis, led by health economist Tami Mark and her team at RTI International, utilized data from Florida and Kentucky in 2020. It showed that less than half of parents on Medicaid with substance use disorders, flagged for potential child abuse or neglect, actually received treatment. This disparity highlights the need to address barriers to accessing care among vulnerable populations.

Source: The New York Times

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