Selection of New York Jurors for Trump Trial


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During the Manhattan criminal trial of former President Donald J. Trump, 18 New Yorkers were chosen to serve as jurors and alternates. To gauge their potential biases, all prospective jurors were asked a series of 42 questions, aimed at understanding their views on the case.

One crucial part of the questionnaire focused on the media consumption habits of the prospective jurors. They were required to identify the news organizations and social media platforms they follow from a list of more than a dozen options. Additionally, they could mention any media sources not listed or indicate if they do not follow the news.

Lawyers for both sides possess a limited number of peremptory challenges, enabling them to dismiss jurors without providing a specific reason. Given the limited information available about the jury pool, the media preferences disclosed by prospective jurors can offer insights into their political inclinations.

Reporting for this piece was contributed by Wesley Parnell.

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