Russia’s emergency chief visits flood-hit region as Kremlin warns of further flooding


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The head of Russia’s Ministry of Emergency Situations has visited the southern Orenburg region as it battles some of Russia’s worst flooding in decades.

Alexandar Kurenkov has been assessing the damage and inspecting efforts by emergency crews in the region, one of several that have been hit by the catastrophic floods.

The disaster is believed to have been sparked by sudden warm snap that caused a mass snowmelt in the Ural Mountains and some parts of Siberia.

Parts of neighbouring Kazakhstan have also been affected, and more than 100,000 people have been evacuated across the two countries.

Aid has begun to arrive to the region, with the Emergency Situations ministry saying 35 tonnes of food, water, hygiene products and medical supplies have been delivered.

Meanwhile, flood tube dams have been delivered to Siberia’s Tyumen Region, another part of the country hit by rising waters.

Officials say the water-filled dams can be set up quickly and provide protection against flooding. Four kilometres of the dams are being dispatched to the region.

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