Republican Party’s Poll Worker Training and Election Monitoring Initiative


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Wisconsin Republican Party’s Poll Worker Training

On a Monday in mid-March, the Wisconsin Republican Party organized a Zoom call with approximately 50 conservative activists to train them in becoming poll workers. The training aimed to assist in overseeing and monitoring the casting and counting of votes, with a particular focus on heavily Democratic areas of the battleground state. City clerk offices in locations such as Eau Claire, Madison, and Milwaukee were closely monitored as part of the training sessions.

Republican National Committee’s Election Monitoring Initiative

Former President Donald J. Trump’s campaign and the Republican National Committee have announced a comprehensive operation to deploy over 100,000 volunteers and lawyers across battleground states. The initiative involves monitoring and potentially challenging various aspects of the electoral process, including mail ballots, voting machines, and post-Election Day recounts and audits.

Rooted in Mr. Trump’s false claims of election fraud in the 2020 election, the initiative seeks to address and prevent alleged Democratic cheating. Despite the lack of evidence of widespread fraud, Republican officials, including the R.N.C. chief counsel Charlie Spies, are determined to ensure that elections officials adhere to the rules in administering elections.

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