Protests in Tenerife Against Uncontrolled Tourism


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Thousands of people gathered in Tenerife to protest against the uncontrolled growth of tourism on the Spanish island. They are calling for measures to limit tourist arrivals temporarily in order to protect the local environment and address housing affordability issues.

Environmental Groups Join the Cause

The protesters were supported by various environmental organizations such as Greenpeace, WWF, and Friends of the Earth. Their main concerns revolve around the negative impact of tourism on the island’s natural resources and the rising costs of housing for local residents.

Local Concerns and Demands

Local Concerns and Demands

The demonstrators are not against tourism itself but rather the unsustainable model that is leading to the degradation of their land and community. They are advocating for stricter regulations on short-term holiday rentals and hotel construction to ensure a more sustainable and equitable tourism industry.

According to official reports, around 20 thousand people took part in the protests, although organizers claim the number was closer to 50 thousand. The demonstrations also received support from other cities like Madrid and Barcelona, showing solidarity with the residents of the Canary Islands.

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