Port of Baku: A Strategic Hub for Global Trade


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Strategic Location and Connectivity

The Port of Baku in Azerbaijan stands as the oldest and most strategic port on the Caspian Sea, serving as a crucial point on the trading route between the east and west. Taleh Ziyadov, the director-general, emphasizes the port’s role as a global destination for transport and logistics, highlighting the importance of connectivity in today’s supply chain dynamics.

Growth and Development Initiatives

With a clear vision of adapting to global trade demands, the port has witnessed a significant 51% increase in total handling volume, surpassing 7.3 million tonnes last year. Embracing advanced technologies, digitalization, and automation are key focus areas for the Port of Baku’s development plans to enhance operational efficiency and meet evolving market needs.

Sustainability and Environmental Initiatives

Sustainability and Environmental Initiatives

In line with its commitment to sustainability, the port is actively implementing environmental practices to reduce its ecological footprint. Initiatives include wastewater treatment plants, transitioning to renewable energy sources, and a goal to achieve zero carbon dioxide emissions by 2035. Moreover, the port’s environmental efforts extend to wildlife protection, with various species of birds inhabiting the area and plans for extensive tree planting projects to promote biodiversity.

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