Palestinians flee to the north of Gaza amid rumours of open passage


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Palestinians travel north, challenging Israeli government

Hundreds of displaced Palestinians sheltering in central Gaza began the perilous trip to the isolated northern part of enclave amid rumours of an open passage. 

The move comes as the Israeli military renewed its warning on Sunday morning against the return of displaced people to their homes in northern Gaza, saying that the area remains a war zone.

Palestinians, however, challenged the government and headed north along the coastal Rashid road, one of the two main roads linking Gaza’s both extremes. They are travelling on donkey carts, in cars, and even on foot. 

Displaced Palestinians trying to walk back from central Gaza Strip to northern Gaza Strip

Israel said Friday it had opened a new crossing for aid trucks into hard-hit northern Gaza as it ramps up humanitarian deliveries to the besieged enclave. 

Yet, the United Nations says the surge of aid is not being felt in Gaza because of persistent distribution difficulties inside the war-torn territory.

New York Archbishop visits West Bank

Cardinal Timothy Dolan, Archbishop of New York, led a service in the West Bank on Sunday amid increasing tensions.

Cardinal Timothy Dolan, archbishop of New York, speaks in the Palestinian West Bank village of Beit Jala

“When I meet with the people here in Bethlehem, when I meet with people in Ramallah, when I meet with people in Jerusalem, they may be Muslims, they may be Christians, they may be Jews. Most of them says, just say, we just want peace,” Archbishop Dolan said. 

Dolan’s visit comes after six months of fighting in Gaza that has pushed the besieged Palestinian enclave into a deepening humanitarian crisis, with more than 1 million people on the brink of starvation.

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