North Macedonia landmark burns down without answers


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A major landmark in North Macedonia has been reduced to ashes after a mysterious fire.

The incident at Skopje’s Universal Hall claimed no victims, but the building sustained serious damage. The blaze was quickly contained by emergency responders.

The concert hall was built following the country’s disastrous earthquake in 1963, drawing on funds from 35 countries. 

Culture Minister Bisera Kostadinovska-Stojchevska commented, “I am sad that we are here for this reason. I am pretty disturbed by the scene behind us.

“This morning, around 9, we were informed that a fire broke out at the Universal Hall, and we immediately came here. From what we can see now, the fire has already been contained and extinguished.”

The Culture Ministry took over reconstruction of the hall from the City of Skopje following disputes in local government. The hall was under renovation at the time of the fire.

The Interior Ministry announced that three construction workers who were working at the time of the fire have been detained.

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