Moving the Iconic Mona Lisa


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She’s the world’s most famous and most visited work of art, with up to ten million admirers per year. Her enigmatic smile has been idolized by art lovers, and even targeted by thieves, soup-loving protesters, and even a man disguised as an elderly woman in a wheelchair who threw cake in her face.

Moving the Iconic Mona Lisa

The Need for Change

The Need for Change

But now, a new project may prove the last queen of France Marie Antoinette right, as she found her “too small, too dark.” Leonardo da Vinci’s painting “Mona Lisa” is about to be moved to give La Gioconda more space and appease visitors.

With Louvre visitors getting an average of 50 seconds to admire the “Mona Lisa” behind a barrier and bullet-proof glass in the center of the Salle des Etats, many have dubbed it the world’s most disappointing masterpiece. The huge crowds and limited space make it difficult for visitors to see the painting properly.

Proposing to place da Vinci’s masterpiece in isolation to improve the experience, the museum’s director said, “Moving Mona Lisa to a separate room could end the public’s disappointment.” A new dedicated space for “Mona Lisa” makes sense for both da Vinci’s painting and its attention-starved neighbors.

Chief curator Vincent Delieuvin said, “It’s a large room, and the Mona Lisa is at the back, behind its security glass, so at first glance it looks like a postage stamp. Leonardo da Vinci wanted to establish a face-to-face relationship between the painting and the person contemplating it.”

The initiative would involve significant renovation, including opening a new entrance to the Louvre palace and creating two new rooms in the basement. The estimated cost of €500 million is a concern amidst culture budget cuts, but the museum is determined to enhance the visitor experience.

The Ministry of Culture is in favor of the new Grand Louvre project, but finance minister Bruno Le Maire’s push for savings may pose a challenge. Despite financial constraints, the museum is motivated to embrace the painting’s global icon status and improve its display.

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