Mayor Requests Interim Chairwoman of Police Oversight Panel to Step Down


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The Civilian Complaint Review Board’s interim chairwoman, Arva Rice, is set to step down following a request from Mayor Eric Adams. Rice, who has been leading the panel since February 2022, has been known for her advocacy for equity and justice.

Rice’s tenure has been marked by her criticism of the Police Department, particularly regarding delays in evidence submission related to a fatal shooting incident from five years ago. Additionally, she has been pushing for increased budget allocation and expanded investigative powers to address complaints against police officers.

The resignation request was conveyed by Philip Banks III, the deputy mayor for public safety, who previously held the position of the Police Department’s top uniformed officer. Banks, despite facing a federal corruption investigation in 2014, was not charged in the matter.

Arva Rice, who also holds the role of president and chief executive of the New York Urban League, is expected to comply with the mayor’s request in the upcoming weeks.

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