Mayor Breed’s Ambitious Plans: Bringing Pandas to San Francisco


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Mayor Breed’s Ambitious Plans

Facing a tough re-election battle in San Francisco, Mayor London Breed is unveiling ambitious proposals to revitalize the city. From building a soccer stadium to adding a college downtown, her latest idea involves bringing giant pandas to San Francisco.

Pandas Arrive in San Francisco

Upon her return from China, Mayor Breed was seen at San Francisco International Airport with luggage filled with stuffed toy pandas. She successfully secured an agreement with the China Wildlife Conservation Association to have real pandas reside at the San Francisco Zoo for the first time.

Pandas as Economic Boost

The arrival of giant pandas in San Francisco is not just about bringing joy to the city; it could also serve as an economic boon, particularly important as the city recovers from the impacts of the pandemic. Mayor Breed sees this initiative as a way to lift spirits and drive tourism.

Mayor Breed’s efforts to secure the pandas come at a crucial time as she faces challenges in winning over voters, especially among the Asian community. With their approval rating in question, the pandas could provide a much-needed boost to her campaign.

Furthermore, this move to bring pandas to San Francisco contrasts with the somber departure of pandas from the National Zoo in Washington, D.C., last year. The city eagerly anticipates welcoming these black-and-white superstars to their new home at the San Francisco Zoo.

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