Little Girl’s Pink Birthday Party Surprise and Ramen Carbonara Craze


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Little Girl’s Pink Birthday Party Surprise

Imagine a little girl’s sheer joy at her very pink birthday party. What could make her cry tears of happiness? A fluffy puppy, a shiny Stanley cup, or perhaps a magical ticket to Disney World? Surprisingly, in a 33-second TikTok video that went viral, the cause of her elation was a bright pink pack of buldak carbonara ramen.

Since its posting earlier this month, the video has amassed over 57.7 million views and 43,000 comments, with viewers expressing sentiments like, “She’s so real for this,” and “That was a fair reaction, buldak carbonara noodles are so good.”

Samyang Food introduced the product in 2017, but it has recently become a global sensation, captivating millions worldwide. Search interest for “buldak carbonara” spiked in January, with Google queries quintupling compared to the previous year.

Ramen Carbonara Recipe

This year, the buldak carbonara ramen has caught the attention of food enthusiasts, including notable figures like rapper Cardi B and TikTok food critic Keith Lee. They have all fallen in love with the spicy instant noodles, often going to great lengths to acquire them. In her own video, Cardi B humorously recounts how she had her driver embark on a 30-minute quest to find these coveted noodles.

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