Key Upcoming Events and Policy Developments in the European Parliament


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Key Upcoming Events

Tuesday 23 April: ‘Healthy cities, healthy people: Pathways for clean air in the EU’s urban environments’ conference will be held under the auspices of the Belgian EU Presidency.

Wednesday 24 April: MEPs will debate money laundering reforms during the last plenary session of the European Parliament.

Friday 26 April: MEPs will vote on CAP reforms aimed at reducing bureaucratic burden for farmers during the final session of the plenary.

European Parliament’s Last Plenary Session

European Parliament's Last Plenary Session

The European Parliament’s final plenary session in Strasbourg is approaching, with MEPs rushing to secure approvals for outstanding files before the end of the legislative term.

Challenges remain as some votes show signs of potential opposition, particularly concerning the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) simplification package proposed by the European Commission. The outcome of this vote may impact the next Parliament. Another key file on the European Health Data Space (EHDS) also faces scrutiny, with advocacy groups urging MEPs to reconsider the political deal with EU ministers.

Policy Influencers

Policy Influencers

Last week, two former Italian prime ministers, Enrico Letta and Mario Draghi, made notable appearances in Brussels. Letta presented a report on the single market focusing on health, while Draghi discussed competitiveness and potential future roles, including speculation about the presidency of the European Commission.

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