Key Revelations in Trump’s Manhattan Criminal Trial


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Donald J. Trump faced a challenging day in court as the judge overseeing his criminal trial raised concerns about a defense lawyer’s credibility. A key witness, David Pecker, the publisher of The National Enquirer, shed light on a 2015 meeting at Trump Tower where a conspiracy to influence the 2016 election was allegedly devised. Prosecutors dubbed it the “Trump Tower conspiracy” involving Pecker, Trump, and Michael Cohen, Trump’s former personal lawyer.

Peeker’s Testimony on Trump’s Campaign Scandals

Pecker testified about how Cohen and Trump sought his magazines’ assistance in managing sex scandals that could harm Trump’s campaign. The practice of “catch and kill” was explained, where stories were bought but never published. This testimony supported the prosecution’s claim that the efforts were not just to protect Trump’s personal image but also his political ambitions.

Central Figures in the Trump Manhattan Trial

Central Figures in the Trump Manhattan Trial

  • Donald J. Trump: Former President facing criminal trial.
  • David Pecker: Publisher of The National Enquirer, a key witness revealing details of the alleged conspiracy.
  • Michael D. Cohen: Trump’s ex-personal lawyer involved in the plot to conceal scandals.

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