Israeli Retaliation Strike on Iran


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The Israeli military conducted a retaliatory strike on Iran in response to an aerial attack on Israel over the weekend. The strike, carried out early on Friday, was confirmed by two Israeli and three Iranian officials. Despite the attack, the response from both Israel and Iran remained subdued.

Details of the Strike

Iranian officials reported that the strike targeted a military air base near Isfahan, central Iran. They mentioned that small drones were used in the attack, potentially launched from within Iran without being detected by Iranian radar systems. In a separate incident, a group of drones was shot down in the Tabriz region.

Israeli warplanes were also involved in the retaliation, firing missiles during the operation. The outcome of these missile strikes, whether intercepted by Iranian defenses or their impact locations, remains unclear.

The Israeli military refrained from providing comments on the strike, while a senior U.S. official stated that Israel had informed the United States through various channels prior to the attack. The anonymity of the sources was maintained due to the sensitive nature of the matter.

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