Israeli Drone Strikes on Iranian Targets


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Iranian officials have reported that the recent Israeli strike on Friday morning targeted Iranian military installations using small exploding drones, specifically quadcopters. This tactic aligns with previous Israeli operations against Iranian targets.

Signature Drone Attacks

  • August 2019: Israel deployed an exploding drone in a Hezbollah-dominated neighborhood in Beirut, Lebanon, to destroy machinery linked to precision missile production.
  • June 2021: A quadcopter exploded near Tehran’s centrifuge manufacturing center, a crucial site for Iran’s uranium enrichment facilities.
  • February 2022: Six quadcopters detonated at Kermanshah, Iran’s primary military drone manufacturing and storage facility.
  • May 2022: A strike targeted the sensitive Parchin military site near Tehran, utilizing quadcopter drones to cause significant damage.
  • January 2023: A drone attack on an Iranian military facility in Isfahan resulted in a large explosion, showcasing the persistent drone assault tactics.

Origin of Drones

Iranian authorities suggested that the small drones used in the attacks might have been launched from within Iran, escaping radar detection by entering Iranian airspace undetected.

Israeli Military Operations

While Israel rarely acknowledges its involvement in such attacks, the consistent use of drones in targeting Iranian defense and military assets indicates a deliberate strategy.

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