Israeli Airstrikes in Rafah, Gaza


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Israeli airstrikes on the southern Gaza city of Rafah on Saturday killed several civilians, including women and children, according to Palestinian state media. The strikes have added to the fear and uncertainty among over one million displaced Palestinians in the area.

Impact on Civilians

The airstrikes hit two family homes, resulting in the deaths of 10 residents, including women and children. The attacks have further intensified the already dire situation for Palestinians in Rafah.

Fear of Ground Offensive

For weeks, Palestinians in Rafah have been anticipating an Israeli ground offensive, which has raised concerns about the safety of the displaced population. The fear of an imminent invasion has heightened following the recent airstrikes.

International Reactions

President Biden and other world leaders have urged Israel to refrain from launching a ground offensive in Rafah to prevent exacerbating the humanitarian crisis. However, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu maintains that such action is necessary to eliminate Hamas.

“It was like an earthquake,” said Mohammad al-Masri, a resident of Rafah. “When we hear these strikes we don’t know what to do. Everyone is saying the same thing, ‘Where can we go?’”

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