iPhone 15 Pro Max is not the fastest! Here are Apple’s fastest devices


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Apple, at the event it held last year, launched its newest products, including the iPhone 15. Although the new series received criticism on issues such as durability at first, it was generally appreciated by the users. Of course, the brand’s product range has expanded, and accordingly, there have been significant changes in the reports shared every month by platforms such as AnTuTu. So, which are the manufacturer’s fastest devices at the moment? Here is the list of the fastest Apple devices!

List of fastest Apple devices of March

Naturally, the issue that users were most curious about was how the iPhone 15  models introduced last year would perform. As it is known, the fact that the standard and Pro models in the series are powered by different processors has raised questions about serious performance differences.

According to the latest list shared by AnTuTu, the fastest Apple product of March is the 12.9-inch iPad Pro 6 with 2 million 154 thousand 189 points. The tablet, which has recently anchored itself at the top, was followed by its brother, the 11-inch iPad Pro 4, with 1 million 956 thousand 845 points.

Third on the list is the 11-inch iPad Pro 3 model. The device, which received 1 million 761 thousand 396 points, is followed by the 12.9 inch iPad Pro 5 with 1 million 721 thousand 937 points.

  1. iPad Pro 6 (12.9 inç) Apple  8GB + 256GB: 2.154.189 points
  2. iPad Pro 4 (11 inç) Apple M2 8GB + 128GB: 1.956.845 points
  3. iPad Pro 3 (11 inch) Apple M1 8GB + 128GB:  1,761,396 points.
  4. iPad Pro 5 (12.9 inç) Apple M1 16GB + 1024GB: 1.721.937 points
  5. iPad Air 5 Apple M1 8GB + 256GB:  1,695,502 points
  6. iPhone 15 Pro Apple A17 Pro 8GB + 256GB: 1.520.261 points
  7. iPhone 15 Pro Max Apple A17 Pro 8GB + 256GB: 1.501.317 points
  8. iPhone 14 Pro Apple A16 Bionic 6GB + 256GB: 1.425.658 points
  9. iPhone 14 Pro Max Apple A16 Bionic 6GB + 256GB: 1.421.260 points
  10. iPhone 15 Plus Apple A16 Bionic 6GB + 128GB: 1.374.323 points

So what do you think about this issue? Which Apple device do you think should be ranked next? Don’t forget to share your opinions with us in the comments section!

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