Investigation Urged on Mass Graves Found in Gaza Hospitals


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Discovery of Mass Graves

The United Nations’ human rights office has called for an independent investigation into two mass graves found after Israeli forces withdrew from hospitals in Gaza. One of the graves was discovered at Nasser Hospital in Khan Younis, containing 283 bodies, following a similar finding at Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza City.

Conflicting Accounts

Palestinian Civil Defense reported that some of the bodies found in Khan Younis were handcuffed, shot in the head, or wearing detainee uniforms, alleging that Israeli forces were responsible for these deaths. Israeli military has not directly addressed these claims and they remain unverified.

Israeli Military Response

Following the U.N.’s call for an inquiry, the Israeli military stated that their forces had exhumed bodies buried by Palestinians near Nasser Hospital to search for hostages. The military did not disclose the number of bodies exhumed, details on their cause of death, or the presence of hostages’ remains.

Note: The examination of the bodies was conducted with respect and dignity for the deceased. Bodies that were not identified as Israeli hostages were reburied at the site.

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