Independent Review Debunks Israel’s Allegations of UNRWA Employees’ Ties to Terrorist Organizations


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Israel’s allegations regarding UNRWA employees’ potential ties to terrorist organizations prompted an independent review commissioned by the United Nations. The review was initiated in response to claims made by Israel in early February.

Review Findings

The investigation, led by Catherine Colonna, found no evidence to support Israel’s allegations that many UNRWA employees are affiliated with terrorist groups. The review clarified that it did not delve into the specific accusations related to the Oct. 7 attacks.

Impact and Response

Following the allegations, more than a dozen countries, including the United States, suspended funding to UNRWA. The United Nations terminated 10 employees implicated in the attacks and called for the reinstatement of funding to support the agency’s vital relief efforts in Gaza.

Despite sharing employee lists with Israel, UNRWA had not received any concerns from the Israeli government about its staff members since 2011, according to the review.

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