Hungarian Government Launches Anti-EU Billboard Campaign Ahead of EU Elections


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Anti-EU Billboard Campaign

The Hungarian government has launched a new round of anti-EU billboard campaign ahead of the upcoming EU elections. The campaign targets leading EU opposition figures, portraying them as servants of the Commission, with a particular focus on President Ursula von der Leyen.

Péter Magyar and TISZA Party

Péter Magyar and TISZA Party

One of the notable figures in the opposition against Prime Minister Viktor Orban is Péter Magyar, who was once an ally of the Fidesz elite. Magyar has emerged as a prominent opposition figure and has founded the TISZA party as a new movement against Fidesz.

“I laugh at these posters that depict me as a leftist or a puppet of Ursula von der Leyen. I will never be,” Magyar told Euronews. “The TISZA Party believes in a European Union based on strong member states and seeks a constructive but critical relationship with Brussels.”

  • Trained as a lawyer and a former Hungarian diplomat, Magyar is positioning his party to participate in the upcoming European elections scheduled for June.
  • Magyar’s stance on a European Union based on strong member states and his commitment to joining the European Prosecutor’s Office set his party apart.

Magyar’s political journey took a significant turn following his divorce from Judit Varga, the former justice minister under the Fidesz party. The media had previously portrayed their family as a picture-perfect conservative unit. However, Varga’s involvement in a controversy led to her resignation and reshaped Magyar’s political trajectory.

In response to the recent political upheavals, Magyar launched the TISZA party in April as a direct challenge to Orban’s government. He expressed determination and optimism about the upcoming elections, emphasizing the importance of unity in the opposition’s efforts to bring about change.

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