Hungarian Anti-EU Billboard Campaign Targets Opposition Figures


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Anti-EU Billboard Campaign

The Hungarian government has launched a fresh round of anti-EU billboard campaign ahead of the upcoming EU elections. The campaign portrays leading EU opposition figures as servants of the Commission, particularly targeting President Ursula von der Leyen.

Péter Magyar and TISZA Party

Péter Magyar and TISZA Party

In the spotlight of the campaign is Péter Magyar, a former ally of the Fidesz elite, who is emerging as a strong opposition figure against Prime Minister Viktor Orban. Magyar has recently launched his party, TISZA, as a new movement against Fidesz, accusing the government of betraying its voters.

European Elections and TISZA Party’s Stance

Magyar’s TISZA Party is expected to participate in the European elections scheduled for June. Magyar has emphasized that his party believes in a European Union based on strong member states and a constructive yet critical relationship with Brussels. He aims to join the European Prosecutor’s Office and align with the European People’s Party.

“I laugh at these posters, that I am a leftist or a puppet of Ursula von der Leyen. I will never be,” Magyar told Euronews, highlighting his commitment to his party’s principles and vision for Hungary.

Trained as a lawyer and having served as a Hungarian diplomat, Magyar’s journey from a former government ally to a prominent opposition voice has been marked by personal and political challenges, including his recent divorce and the resignation of his ex-wife, former Justice Minister Judit Varga.

  • Magyar and Varga divorced in March 2023.
  • Varga was expected to become an MEP after the European elections.
  • In February this year, Varga and former President Katalin Novak resigned following a scandal.

Less than a year after his divorce and the government scandal, Magyar emerged as a major voice of the opposition, launching the TISZA party in April to challenge Orban’s government.

“The June 9 election will be a milestone. If we stick together and stick together, nothing and no one can stop us from taking back our country,” Magyar said, expressing determination for the upcoming elections.

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