House Approves Aid Package for Ukraine and American Allies


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The House took a critical step on Friday toward approving a long-stalled package of aid to Ukraine, Israel, and other American allies. Democrats provided the crucial votes to push the legislation past Republican opposition, allowing it to be considered on the floor.

Bipartisan Support and Key Votes

The 316-94 vote cleared the way for the House to bring up the aid package, setting up separate votes on each of its parts. Despite some resistance from the far right, there is broad bipartisan backing for the $95.3 billion package. The vote indicated that the legislation will likely prevail, with bipartisan consensus.

Speaker’s Efforts and Democrat Support

Speaker Mike Johnson played a crucial role in pushing through the aid package over his party’s objections. He had to seek support from Democrats, a significant breach of custom in the House. Ultimately, more Democrats than Republicans supported the bill, showing a willingness to prioritize the funding for Ukraine and American allies.

On the House floor, Democrats strategically held back their votes until it was clear that Republican support alone would not be enough for the measure to pass. This tactic led to a successful passage of the legislation with a majority of Democratic votes.

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