Hezbollah’s Recent Attack on Israel


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Hezbollah’s Latest Attack on Israel

The Lebanese militant group Hezbollah claimed on Tuesday that it had launched its deepest attack into Israel since October. The attack involved aerial drones striking north of the city of Acre, triggering sirens along Israel’s northern coastline.

Escalating Cross-Border Strikes

Hezbollah, Iran’s powerful regional proxy, has been engaged in escalating cross-border strikes with Israeli forces since the Gaza war began over six months ago. In this latest strike, the group stated that it targeted an Israeli military barracks about 10 miles from the Lebanese border. The extent of the damage caused is not immediately clear.

Israeli Response and Recent Events

The Israeli military reported that it had intercepted two aerial attacks off the northern coast but did not confirm Hezbollah’s claim of hitting the military barracks. Recent targeted killings by Israel of two Hezbollah fighters in southern Lebanon, allegedly involved in Hezbollah’s aerial operations, have added to the tensions. These killings follow a series of assassinations of Hezbollah commanders and fighters, as the group increasingly uses self-detonating drones to target Israeli military sites.

Last week, Hezbollah took responsibility for a drone and missile attack in northern Israel that resulted in one soldier dead and multiple injuries. This attack was one of the most damaging incidents in Israel caused by Hezbollah in recent months.

Footage circulating on Hezbollah-affiliated channels shows the impact of the attack in Acre, with people on the beach reacting to sirens and an explosion heard in the background.

Contributors to this report: Hwaida Saad, Johnatan Reiss, and Arijeta Lajka.

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