Greek voters name skyrocketing prices as their top priority ahead of EU elections


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The skyrocketing prices of goods are the top priority for Greek voters, according to all polls ahead of this year’s all-important European Parliament elections.

Greece’s average growth rate is more than 2%, one of the highest in the Eurozone, and the government is praised for its fiscal policies by all European institutions. However, the measures taken against inflation in the food category don’t seem to have an impact for consumers.

The Hellenic Statistical Authority has just reported that inflation in the food category stood at 5.3% in March, up from 3.1% in February. 

Figures like this mean that while measures previously taken by the Greek government have been described as positive, their efficacy and impact is being questioned.

Citizens are increasingly voicing their disappointment – and it is estimated that this will also be expressed at the ballot box. 

We have not seen anything until now. This time, we’re going to punish them!

Local farmer speaking to Euronews

People in local markets say they are disappointed. One man estimates that there has been a 30% increase in everyday goods prices, while a local farmer told Euronews that the high prices will affect the Greek government’s election performance because they haven’t done enough.

“We’re going to punish them in this election,” he said.

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