Government’s Controversial Overhaul of State TV and Radio


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Slovakia’s government has approved a controversial overhaul of state TV and radio. Prime Minister Robert Fico stated that the changes were necessary due to alleged political bias in the public broadcaster, known as RTVS.

Proposed Changes and Opposition

Proposed Changes and Opposition

The proposed changes include replacing RTVS with a new organization called Slovak television and radio (STVR). The plan, put forth by Culture Minister Martina Šimkovičová, has faced opposition from journalists, the opposition, international media organizations, and the European Commission. Thousands protested against the plan in Bratislava, and state TV and radio employees organized a “Black Thursday” protest.

Evolving Political Landscape and Concerns

Prime Minister Fico’s government, with a majority in parliament, is expected to approve the changes in June. Critics worry that Fico’s pro-Russian stance and controversial policies could shift Slovakia away from its pro-Western course and towards the path of Hungary under Viktor Orbán. The European Commission has recommended strengthening the independence of Slovakia’s broadcast media, calling into question the government’s bill.

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