Good and bad news from Spotify


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Spotify is one of the most popular digital music apps with millions of users. Its market share in this area is quite high. According to recent developments, the company wants to increase this share even more. So much so that Spotify is preparing to introduce new subscription plans and Hi-Fi technology. However, there is also bad news that there is a plan to raise. So how much will Spotify price increase? Here are the details…

How much will Spotify price increase? How will the new plans be?

According to the information conveyed, Spotify will launch multiple new subscription plans. It is said that the first of these plans will only allow listening to songs, that is, it will not allow access to podcast content. In this context, it will be the cheapest option.

The other subscription plan will be called “Supremium” and will be the highest priced option, but will allow Hi-Fi listening. Hi-Fi, which means high fidelity for those who do not know, allows the music recording to be listened to in the closest way to the original. It was already expected that Spotify would make this technology, which is highly desired by users, available with a higher priced option, unlike the current plans.

It is also claimed that Spotify is planning to increase the price for existing plans. According to the information, the basic plan will be increased by 1 dollar and the Duo option, which allows two people to use it, will be increased by 2 dollars. The price hike will be implemented first in the UK, Australia and Pakistan, and later this year in the US.

According to the source, the reason Spotify is planning to raise the price is to cover the cost of podcasts, or audiobooks, in which it has invested more in recent years. It is said that there are more than 200 thousand podcasts available on the platform.

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