Germany Resumes Funding for UNRWA


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Germany announced on Wednesday that it would resume funding for the main U.N. agency aiding Palestinians in Gaza, known as UNRWA. This decision came after an independent review found that Israel had not provided evidence of allegations that led many donor nations to withdraw support for the agency.

Review Findings and Response

The independent review, led by former French foreign minister Catherine Colonna, found no evidence to support Israel’s claims that many UNRWA employees in Gaza were involved in militant activities. Following this review, Germany’s foreign and development ministries issued a statement expressing their expectation for UNRWA to implement the recommendations to protect its neutrality.

“The German government has looked closely at the allegations made by Israel against UNRWA and has been in close contact with the Israeli government, the United Nations, and other international donors,” the statement read.

Germany, which was the second-largest donor to UNRWA in 2023 after the United States, had paused new funding for the agency along with other countries in response to Israel’s claims in January. However, several countries have since resumed funding for UNRWA.

Germany’s support for Israel has been a cornerstone of its foreign policy, rooted in the nation’s efforts to atone for the Holocaust. Chancellor Olaf Scholz visited Tel Aviv shortly after the Oct. 7 attacks, which strained relations between Germany and Israel.

Despite the tensions between the two countries over the situation in Gaza, Germany remains committed to supporting the Palestinian people and upholding the principles of humanitarian aid.

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