German Trains to Introduce Private Cabins for Video Calls


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German trains are set to undergo a major transformation with the introduction of new cabins designed to offer greater privacy and convenience. Deutsche Bahn (DB), the state railway operator, has revealed plans for compartments featuring frosted glass where passengers can engage in private video calls or enjoy a moment of relaxation.

Features of the New Cabins

Features of the New Cabins

  • The new cabins, measuring two meters by 70 centimeters, are designed to accommodate a maximum of two passengers.
  • With the push of a button located in the armrest, the transparent glass can be frosted to provide enhanced privacy.
  • Passengers can use these cabins to create a personal space for confidential conversations or simply to enjoy a moment of solitude while traveling.

Referred to as ‘smooch cabins’ by the German newspaper Bild, these innovative compartments are part of DB’s initiative to modernize its Intercity Express (ICE) high-speed trains. In addition to the private cabins, DB is also planning to introduce digital seat reservations and scent buttons for a more comfortable travel experience.

The cabins are currently undergoing trials with different passenger groups, showcasing the potential for a new era of train travel that prioritizes privacy and comfort. DB’s commitment to revamping its services includes the implementation of AI technology to enhance engineering works and ensure a more reliable railway network for the future.

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