General Strike in the West Bank: A Response to Israeli Military Incursion


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General Strike in the West Bank

Palestinians in the West Bank staged a general strike on Sunday to denounce an Israeli military incursion at a refugee camp the previous day, resulting in the deaths of at least 10 individuals. This event underscores the ongoing turmoil in the region.

Impact of the Strike

The strike effectively brought life in the West Bank to a standstill, with official Palestinian news agency Wafa reporting that shops, schools, universities, and banks remained closed. Additionally, public transportation services were halted.

Escalation of Violence

Violence in the West Bank has seen a significant rise in recent months, with close to 500 Palestinians losing their lives at the hands of Israeli forces since the conflict between Israel and Hamas began. Moreover, deadly attacks by Israeli settlers against Palestinians in the West Bank have surged to unprecedented levels since the initial hostilities.

The Israeli military stated that two Palestinian teenagers were shot dead early on Sunday. One was reported to have fired at soldiers near Hebron, while the other allegedly attempted to attack them with a knife.

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