Fresh round of ceasefire talks expected in Cairo


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Truce talks are to resume in Cairo on Sunday. Hamas is sending top representative Khalil Al-Hayya, to Egypt to participate in a new round of negotiations, with diplomats and Security Service heads of Egypt, Qatar, the US and Israel.

It remains unclear whether the Israeli delegation will attend, following Hamas’ latest refusal of Israel’s proposal.

The body of hostage Elad Katzir, 47,  was found on Saturday by the Israeli army. It is believed that he was killed in January by militants associated with Islamic Jihad, one of the groups involved in the October 7 attack on southern Israel.

People protest against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government and call for the release of hostages held in the Gaza Strip by the Hamas militant group in Tel Av

The discovery has reignited pressure on Israel’s government to reach a deal for the release of the remaining hostages. Thousands gathered in Tel Aviv, urging for a resolution and early elections, while hostages’ families expressed fears that time is running out. So far, at least 36 hostages have been confirmed dead, with about half of the original number having been released.

Carmit Katzir, Elad’s sister, lamented, “He could have been saved if a deal had happened in time. Our leadership is cowardly and driven by political considerations, and that is why a deal did not happen.”

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government is facing divided opinions among Israelis. A week ago, tens of thousands of protestors gathered in central Jerusalem, staging the largest anti-government demonstration since the war began.

In Gaza, tens of thousands are dead and over a million Palestinians displaced. Martin Griffiths, the UN humanitarian chief, described the situation as a “terrible milestone,” emphasising the urgent need to avert further escalation and prevent a man-made famine.

Ceasefire negotiations are set to resume, according to an Egyptian official and Egyptian media. The talks will involve the participation of a Hamas delegation, with the group insisting on linking the war’s conclusion to agreements on releasing hostages and improving conditions in Gaza.

The international community has condemned recent Israeli airstrikes that resulted in civilian casualties, including humanitarian workers. Amid these developments, the US has stressed the importance of protecting civilians and aid workers in determining future support for Israel.

The conflict’s toll on Gaza’s health system is severe, with major hospitals like al-Shifa and Nasser severely damaged. The destruction of these facilities has worsened the region’s already dire humanitarian crisis.

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