Foreign Interference Scandals Rock European Parliament


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Chinagate: Arrest of Assistant Linked to Chinese Secret Service

The shock and anger stem from the arrest of an accredited assistant of Maximilian Krah, a member of Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) who, since 2019, has sat with the far-right Identify and Democracy (ID) group. The Federal Prosecutor’s Office said the suspect, identified as Jian Guo by the lawmaker’s team, is accused of being “an employee of the Chinese secret service” as well as “repeatedly passing on information about negotiations and decisions in the European Parliament to his intelligence client.”

Cash-for-Favours Scheme: Allegations of Pro-Russia Interference

Cash-for-Favours Scheme: Allegations of Pro-Russia Interference

The case is led by Belgian and Czech authorities and reportedly involves politicians from Germany, France, Poland, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Hungary. Belgian Prime Minister De Croo emphasized the importance of safeguarding citizens’ right to free and safe elections amidst the allegations.

Response from European Parliament

Lawmakers discussed the issue in the plenary in Strasbourg and expressed concerns about foreign interference in policy-making. The President of the Parliament, Roberta Metsola, expressed readiness to waive immunity for those under suspicion pending further information from law enforcement.

Growing Condemnation and Reactions

Various political figures within the European Parliament have condemned the reported incidents of foreign interference. Leaders from different political groups have highlighted the need for transparency and accountability in light of these scandals.

Note: The European Parliament has faced multiple foreign-interference scandals during the current legislature, including Russiagate, Chinagate, and Qatargate, prompting calls for increased vigilance and measures to protect the integrity of the institution.

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