Fishing Treasures of Shinnecock Bay


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On a brisk February morning, the salty air swirling around Shinnecock Bay on Long Island, N.Y., Ricky Sea Smoke, known off the water as Rick Stevens, skillfully harvested clams from the deck of his 24-foot boat. With precision, he sifted through each catch as it cascaded onto the sorting rack, revealing not only the common littlenecks and cherrystones but also a culinary treasure trove that would excite the most discerning chefs.

  • Sweet and plump razor clams
  • Vibrant blood clams with vermilion flesh
  • Dainty limpets, also known as slipper snails, boasting a unique blend of saltiness and buttery richness

Throughout the seasons, fishermen like Mr. Stevens can reel in an array of delicacies beyond clams, including scallops, squid, blue crabs, striped bass, mackerel, and skate. However, the majority of these local treasures are surprisingly scarce in the region.

Global Flavors Dominate Local Menus

Global Flavors Dominate Local Menus

Despite the bountiful offerings of Shinnecock Bay, the dining scene in nearby East Hampton tells a different story. Pasta dishes are adorned with Manila clams sourced from the West Coast, while shrimp cocktails feature red shrimp imported all the way from Argentina. Even at fish markets across Long Island, the display of imported salmon fillets eclipses the presence of local catches like mackerel and black sea bass.

Recipe: Creamy Fish With Mushrooms and Bacon

You can savor the flavors of the sea with this delightful recipe that pairs a creamy sauce with mushrooms and bacon, complementing any mild, white-fleshed fish of your choice.

Ingredients Instructions
Fresh white-fleshed fish 1. Prepare the fish fillets.
Bacon 2. Cook the bacon until crispy.
Mushrooms 3. Sauté mushrooms in bacon fat.
Cream 4. Add cream to create a rich sauce.
Tomatoes 5. Incorporate diced tomatoes for freshness.

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